Membership Categories
and Privileges

How to Join

Interested SAP users and IT Practitioners involved in the roll-out, administration,
development, and implementation of SAP solutions may apply for membership with
varying endorsement requirements per membership category. Regular membership
applicants need to obtain corporate approval from their originating companies.

In addition, individual and Partner members need to be endorsed by an existing KauSAP
member when applying for membership. Upon approval of the membership
committee and payment of the membership fee, KauSAP membership is activated.


3 Membership Types

Regular Membership

  • Criteria-employed and endorsed by an organization with SAP licenses (subject to the membership committee’s review and approval)

  • Privileges-access to events, voting rights, eligibility to become an officer or committee head, attendance to meetings. Privileges are non-transferable and are linked to an individual for so long as they are employed by the endorsing company under their declared IT role.

  • Renewal-subject to membership committee review

  • Free Membership

Individual Membership

  • Criteria-for Consultants or Freelancers and non-attached SAP Certified individuals that are recommended by KauSAP members (subject to the membership committee’s review and approval)

  • Privileges- access to events, membership meetings, no eligibility for leadership roles, no voting privilege. Privileges are linked to the individual and non-transferable.

  • Renewal-subject to membership committee review.

  • Free Membership

Partner Membership

  • Criteria- open to organizations considered Business Partners and IT Vendors that are potential sponsors endorsed by a KauSAP member.

  • Privileges
    - access to selected/sponsored events,
    - 5 seats per event,
    - 1 speaking slot at Peer Exchange Event,
    - Recognized as Summit Partner
    - 1 sponsored pocket session
    - Logo exposure: Website and Collaterals
    - PR mention
    - no leadership eligibility, no voting rights

  • Renewal- subject to membership committee review

  • Membership Fee P 100,000

Membership Requirements

  • Must be IT Practitioners involved in the roll-out, administration, development, implementation, licensing purchase of SAP solutions.

  • Obtain corporate approval from originating companies from either their HR leader or Immediate supervisor in an IT role for regular membership and have endorsement from an existing KauSAP member for Individual and company membership.

  • Pay annual membership fee/dues.